Business Portraits for Paris Smith

This morning took me to the top end of town and Number One London Road. Home to one of the largest law firms in the South, Paris Smith.

The team at Paris Smith are regularly expanding or developing their skill sets. This means regular updates for business portraits and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with the firm for quite a number of years.

There are usually two types of business portraits taken. The first is studio lit with a perfect white background. This is great for website use and print media, which are often displayed on the same perfect white background. Any discrepancies in the ‘whiteness’ and you’ll gain a box around the image which can look a little odd. The second type of picture is taken outside to gain a more relaxed approach to the portrait. These are often used on their website’s personal profiles of each team member.

Here’s a few samples from the day.

When photographing business portraits we understand that each minute someone is from their work it’s costing the company money. With this in mind their are various practises we use to ensure the shoot is completed in as short a time as possible yet still gaining well lit, nicely composed, professional portraits.

To give you an example, this shoot took staff from their desks for all of 12-minutes. There was around 15-minutes of set-up time prior to that, but all in all, they don’t take very long.