Hotel Photographer Wiltshire

We were recently hired for our Hotel Photographer Wiltshire service by Hilton Hotel Swindon. The hotel required images to use within their marketing material and website pages to help promote their new restaurant and bar. Also, with some of the bedrooms at the hotel being recently refurbished, they too were added to the shot list.

Hilton Hotels have extremely high standards and very precise guides to take into account when photographing their venues. This ensures both quality and consistency for the marketing material within the company on a worldwide level.

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We began work in the Larder Restaurant. The restaurant design is refreshingly modern and mainly open plan. The decor, lighting and layout of the room creates a nice relaxed  atmosphere. It serves a menu of British food sourcing local seasonal ingredients to make fresh and simple dishes.

We photographed the room from various angles to show the depth and breadth of the main part of the restaurant. We also needed to show the windows to one side and the view outside. While from another angle we needed to incorporate a feature of the room that combined displays of traditional British recipe ingredients on display within a floor to ceiling room divider.

To the rear of the restaurant there is a separate room available for dining and is well suited for a small private party or smaller intimate tables. For photographs of this area we needed to use wider than normal lenses to show the extent of this smaller room. Some nifty angles, mirrors and features of the room made things a little more difficult, but we gained some nice images in the end.

When diners have finished, the Larder Bar is right next door. This area has a long dark wood bar and cosy seats around small tables for guests to relax in. Again we worked at different angles to show the key features and how comfortable this part of the hotel is.

The photography shoot was finished with some photographs of bedrooms that have been recently refurbished.

Hotel Photographer Wiltshire by Solent Studios


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