Virtual Tours Portsmouth Football Club

Our relationship with Portsmouth Football Club began last winter when their Conference & Events team hired the Funky Photo Booth for their Christmas Parties.

We contacted the Sales Team at Pompy a little earlier this year to show off our Virtual Tour product. They were keen to use it for their website and also inhouse on iPads when potential clients are onsite. We shot the tour over 3-visits. Two visits allowed us to capture the Victory Hall set-up for different functions. The third visit was to gain images of the pitch at Fratton Park. There are strict rules by grounds staff as to who and when the pitch can be walked upon outside of a game.

The Virtual Tours for Portsmouth Football Club included different viewpoints for larger rooms. Additionally we incorporated branding into the virtual tour menu with links directly back to the client’s website. The virtual tour, also known as an interactive panorama, is hosted on our super fast servers so that the client’s website speed and bandwidth aren’t affected.

The panoramas were built in two formats (Flash and HTML5) so that the tours can be viewed on most PCs and Macs, but also on iPhones and iPads. The tours have been built in 3-different resolutions so that download speed is still high for smart devices that work at a lower resolution than large computer screens.

In addition, we’ve incorporated the gyro control so that when the tours are viewed on iPhones/iPads the user can explore by physically moving the device around the room or by the traditional finger swipe method.

We’ve a range of different pricing options within our virtual tour range. Please feel free to get in touch if you enjoyed Virtual Tours Portsmouth and would like to explore options of having your own virtual tour.

Virtual Tours Portsmouth Football ClubClick on the image above to open Virtual Tours Portsmouth Football Club

Virtual Tours Portsmouth Football Club by Solent Studios.