360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tours have been around for a number of years. When they were first put on-line they were resource hungry for the web technology of the day and they never really became that popular.

As web browsers, smart phones and tablet devices have developed, along with high-speed internet connections, virtual tours have become increasingly popular as a website marketing tool for venues everywhere.

“360 Virtual Tours have gone from being a fad to an important tool being found everywhere online”

Virtual Tours are a marketing tool that are in high demand from hotels and guest houses, but we’re discovering there are so many other customers using interactive virtual tours to stay ahead of their competitors. Tourist parks, stately homes, zoos, golf courses, ski resorts and sporting venues are all finding the benefit of having a 360 virtual tour on their website.

What is a 360 Virtual Tour?
A virtual tour is made of a series of photographs that are then ‘stitched’ together in a seamless link. Then with a bit of editing they can be added to a website for visitors to interact with through their web browser, or spin around and explore the tour on a smart phone or tablet.

How long does it take to photograph?
A virtual tour is photographed in around 15-minutes once the area is set-up. It’s always handy to have someone familiar with the venue to advise the photographer of anything that should be included in the virtual tour. Finishing touches such as adjusting curtains, removing untidy objects, keeping doors closed etc, all help to make photography happen more quickly.

What happens after the photography?
Each virtual tour requires a bit of fine tuning before going online. We pride ourselves in ensuring that virtual tours are perfectly lit. This happens by taking numerous exposures of the same tour and blending the images together to ensure no area is too light or dark. The editing takes around 3-times as long as taking the photographs.

And once the tour is finished?
Once we’ve prepared and presented the virtual tour we place it online on our web servers. We will then forward a single link for you to add to your website and link seamlessly to your virtual tour. Should you need any assistance, we’ll do our best to help.

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