FAQs about Virtual Tour Photographer, Solent Studios

What is a virtual tour?
Our virtual tours are produced by seamlessly stitching 36-photographs together.  The final result is an interactive panorama that allows a viewer to explore a room or an outside space by simply moving their cursor inside a web browser.

How long does it take to make a Virtual Tour?
Your virtual tour photographer takes around 10-20 minutes to photograph each viewpoint. The stitching process after the shoot is where most time is spent as each picture within a virtual tour is digitally fine-tuned. Most virtual tours are produced within 2-5 days of being photographed.

Can the Virtual Tour be viewed on smart devices such as iPhones and iPads?
Virtual Tours by Solent Studios are built in two formats; Flash for the most popular PC & Mac web browsers and HTML5, for devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Will a Virtual Tour slow down my website?
All of our virtual tours are hosted on our own super-fast servers for the first year. This ensures that your website’s speed and bandwidth are not affected. After the first year, we can continue to host them for you. The fee for ongoing hosting also includes support to ensure that your virtual tours are updated to work with the latest web browsers and mobile devices.

Do I need to prepare anything before you arrive?
As good as a virtual tour is at showing off your venue, it will also show the downside of things. So a good clean and an inspection for items that would be better not included in the shot is always suggested. Your virtual tour photographer will always do a final check and make suggestions if anything looks unsuitable for a virtual tour.

What interface options are available?
We are able to build a bespoke interface to your virtual tour by including maps, corporate branding, hot spot icons, and such. We’re also able to build a separate interface for mobile device users.

I would like to see some samples of your work?
We’re always adding new virtual tours as our client list expands. See them on our blog.


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Virtual Tour Photographer FAQs by Solent Studios.